Gemperience Fridays #001 – Back from the grave

Heya, ThisMight here! I’m creating this series of blog posts about gemperience to update all of you on the happenings in gemperience.

Upcoming feature: Gemologist

The gemologist is a non-naturally generating villager that the player will have to give the profession to via a gem grinder. This isn’t your ordinary villager though, it only trades using Dyanite & Ruby. If you’re in need of a gem, and can’t seem to find any. This villager’s where it’s at!

Upcoming change: Endbrine no longer sticky!

To those who ventured into the end using Gemperience, you may have noticed ‘Endbrine’ growing around the end. This special stone will receive a small change that will make it slippery instead of sticky. Make sure to take caution when in the end!


For this first week we are mainly showing off features that have been completed so far, to get a greater grasp on details, make sure to check the gemperience trello page!

At the end of the day, there will be more news next friday, see you soon!
– ThisMight out!

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